Sometimes You Have to Learn to Lick It

It has taken quite a while for me to think what I might like to write about for a blog. It all seemed too much, too soon, too sad. Then I thought about this Sunday page from 1968, and I rather liked Charlie Brown’s ‘personal philosophy,’‎ even though crabby Lucy makes fun of it.

The way we at the Museum and at Snoopy’s Home Ice are working to ‘lick it’ is to reach out to bring joy into people’s lives. The two events showcased with photos below are just two of many since the October fires.

In actuality, the events that took place most recently at the Museum and the Ice Arena were spearheaded by others, but it was important to have the perfect venue for each, which Snoopy’s Home Ice and the Museum provided.

On Friday, December 8, the Shark’s Alumni Foundation sponsored a Bay Area Fire Relief Fundraiser to benefit those who lost homes in the October fire. The Foundation planned an afternoon of junior skating‎ and an evening exhibition game against the North Bay Guns-N-Hoses Hockey Club (Sonoma County recreational hockey team).

Snoopy greeting junior hockey skaters

Snoopy giving high-fives

Shark Alumni Dan Boyle signing autographs

Shark Alumni Mike Ricci signing autographs

Here I am with Tom Moran (Marin Fire), Boomer and his handler, Ken Williams (Sonoma County Sheriff Department), Snoopy, Hank Schreeder (Santa Rosa Police Chief), Tony Gossner (Santa Rosa Fire Chief), Rob Giordano (Sonoma County Sheriff) and Douglas Murray (Sharks Alumni) before the game.

The ‘puck drop’ with Tom Moran of the North Bay Guns-N-Hoses, Sonoma County Sheriff Rob Giordano, and Douglas Murray of the Sharks Alumni.

Group Photo

Guns-N-Hoses player Zach Brown of the Petaluma Fire Department.

Brent Weber
of Petaluma Fire (#14) and Mike Ricci of the Sharks watching David Wattson of Rohnert Park Police making a save as goalie.

The following evening, Pearls Before Swine creator Stephan Pastis and his wife Staci organized Drawing Strength: A Fire Relief Fundraiser. They coordinated with the following Sonoma County and Bay Area cartoonists and authors to participate: Andrew Atteberry, Dave Eggers, Brian Fies, Christopher Moore*, Stephan Pastis, Raina Telgemeier, and Judd Winick.

The Press Democrat’s Chris Smith moderated a panel discussion with Fies, Pastis, and Winick, which was followed by book signing and a draw-a-thon with Atteberry, Eggers, Fies, Pastis, Telgemeier, and Winick. The Sonoma County Historical Society and our local bookstore, Copperfield’s, contributed manpower and volunteers to help at the event.

*Christopher Moore called in sick and Judd Winick stepped in to take his place on the panel.

Here is a page from Judd Winick’s graphic novel, Pedro and Me

Brian Fies, A Fire Story

Stephan Pastis, Pearls Before Swine

Judd Winick drawing posters

Stephan Pastis drawing posters

Firefighter Snoopy makes a guest appearance

Both fundraisers were a big success and helped raise money for those affected by the fires in the North Bay. It feels good to ‘lick it’ and bring joy to people’s lives during this Holiday Season. Here’s to finding your ‘personal philosophy’ in 2018!

–Jean Schulz


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