The Magic of Believing

There is a debate among parents as to when and how to break the truth about Santa Claus to their believing children. ‎I can’t remember my own feelings when my children were young, nor how they felt about Santa Claus at which ages. I suppose 5 years is an age of strong belief in one’s heroes.

A letter from a 5-year-old boy named Sylvester who had just seen a live production of A Charlie Brown Christmas made its way to me in the New Year. The note was dictated by the child to his mom and addressed to Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

“How do you do? I saw you at the Washington Pavilion. I would like to invite you to dinner and to invent robots with me. Please wear your costumes. Do you want to go sledding at my house? Do you want to play in the snow? Do you want to have a snowball fight? You can come to our house today. Violet, Lucy, Linus, and Pigpen can come too. It was sure great to see you on the stage. Let’s be friends. Stay at our house today and tomorrow. Love, Sylvester”

Sylvester off to meet Snoopy and Charlie Brown for snowball fights.

This Peanuts strip was originally published on December 20, 1965.

Sylvester is a lucky human being because he has found heroes who won’t let him down. One is never too old to believe in Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

–Jean Schulz

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