More Activities in Japan

Paige and Jean Appear in a Popular TV Show

Paige and I participated in a taped TV show while in Tokyo, which was billed as a “Special Lecture” by Jean Schulz and Paige Braddock, titled “Philosophy of Life for Beleaguered Modern Generations—Lessons from the Comic Strip Peanuts”. The host gave a brief history of Charles M. Schulz and the comic strip he created for 50 years. He emphasized the profound themes in the strip such as grief, anxiety, and loneliness. That formed the basis of the questions posed to the “class.”

Here we are in our places with the host of the show on my left, only partially visible in this photo.

The “class” (which I had assumed would be children) consisted of Japanese actors, comedians, and media personalities. The “lessons” were a combination of videos shown on the screen, and questions put to the “class.” A correct answer was rewarded with a Peanuts character drawing by Paige.

Paige shows one of the drawings drawn on the set and then handed to the “student” who had given the best answer.


The show’s director is on Paige’s right, and the drawing is one that Paige made on the set. The lady standing in front of the director followed Paige into the green room to ask her to add a favorite character to the drawing!


Here is a photo of the TV show when it aired toward the end of the month. At least Paige and I know we weren’t completely cut out of it.


Part of the show’s ending message was the announcement that this is the final opportunity to visit Snoopy Museum Tokyo.


A Quick Trip to Osaka

I made a quick trip from Tokyo to Osaka to visit Yoshi Otani’s popular exhibition, Snoopy Fantaration, which included two of the mechanical devices which resided in Snoopy’s Gallery and Gift Shop for 20+ years.

Past gift shop visitors may think the windmill behind me looks familiar. They are right—they have seen it upstairs in Snoopy’s Gallery and Gallery and Gift Shop.


Yoshi’s exhibition of mechanical and robotic devices will be shown in several cities.


Udon Noodles at the Airport

Udon noodles are almost as famous in California as in Japan. My trip would not have been complete without Udon noodles and sharing a laugh with friends.

This photo of my friend Hiroko and me was taken in the Takamatsu airport in Kagawa Prefecture. This prefecture is famous for their own special Sanuki udon noodles.


Despite it being Snoopy Museum Tokyo’s final months, I know it will not be my final trip to Japan. I look forward to visiting again in the future and wonder what adventures will be in store for me on my next trip.


–Jean Schulz

Due to COVID-19 regulations, the Schulz Museum is temporarily closed until further notice. Please visit our Calendar page for online events.