Snoopy’s Everest Adventure

It is always a special time when the Peanuts Collectors show up, en masse, every two years for a celebration called ‘Beaglefest.’

These collectors, traders, and just plain Peanuts lovers always come with surprises and are a combination of old friends and new, which makes for a very enjoyable three days.

Of course, Snoopy’s Home Ice, the gift shop and the Schulz Museum each has a different activity to welcome these special guests.

One of my special surprises this July was the presentation of ‘Snoopy’s Everest Adventure’—a photo log of the Beagle Scout’s adventure six years ago. (Yes, he lived to tell the tale.)

Here are some of the entries from the log detailing Snoopy’s adventure:

November 12, 2012

“Little Friend, we’ll be leaving Albany, New York anytime now. The first flight of our journey, tagging along with our friends Sarah and Fred Macintosh.”


“It’s been a four hour wait, but soon we’re leaving Newark, New Jersey on a very long flight to Delhi, India. Isn’t that another continent, Snoopy?”


November 16, 2012

“It’s yet another day and we’ll be off to Kathmandu, Nepal. It won’t be long now. It’s been a lot of flying hasn’t it, Little Friend? Even with all your experience.”


November 18, 2012

“Today’s the day! The last flight, we’re on our way to Lukla—and the shortest landing strip in the world.”


“Wow! The first time in four days travelling on the ground! Here’s a look at the shortest runway. We’ll be leaving from there too!”


“Here’s a look at Mt. Everest—our destination. It’s not too cold right here. Hang on tight to your hat, Little Friend.”


Snoopy and Woodstock stop for a photo during the long hike up the mountain.


November 29, 2012

“With the guidance of the Sherpas we made it to Everest Base Camp. What a hike! What an adventure! The top of the world! ☺️”


Snoopy’s adventure brought back many memories of flying into Lukla in 1985 and then on to Namche Bazaar.

From there we trekked to the 13,000-foot level to Tengboche Monastery where we participated in a lighting ceremony with Sir Edmund and Lady June Hillary. A long time ago, but it is as fresh in my mind as though it were last year.

Thank you to Jessica and Dorothy Tripoli for sharing Snoopy’s adventure with us and bringing back those wonderful memories.

–Jean Schulz

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