Nishikawa Living Visit Schulz Complex

The day after the Labor Day Holiday, I had the pleasure of greeting a tour of clients of our Japanese licensee, Nishikawa Living. There were ten businesses that were clients of Nishikawa, and there were from one to four representatives of each business, plus the representatives of Nishikawa Living, so it was a lively group of 23 enjoying the Museum, the Warm Puppy, and touring the Ice Arena. We were one important stop on their several day trip in this area.

Osaka Nishikawa became a licensee in 1974 and changed its name to Nishikawa Living in 2004 when it changed its focus to “lifestyle” merchandise.

Image of Mr. Eitaro Nakamura and Jean Schulz

Mr. Eitaro Nakamura visited us here at the Museum and Ice Arena six years ago. We took this photo on our bench in front of Snoopy’s Home Ice. Each of the client groups sat with me to replicate that photo.
Image of Jean Schulz welcoming Nishikawa to the Charles M. Schulz Museum

I was so pleased to once again welcome Nishikawa to the Museum.

Image of Nishikawa Living group

As part of their visit, the group toured through the Museum. To begin, Museum Director, Karen Johnson, welcomed them in the Great Hall.

Image of Nishikawa Living group

As always, I think a highlight of the visit was seeing Sparky’s studio.

—Jean Schulz

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