Wine Country Living

Image of Jean Schulz's Wine Label, Flying Ace ChardonnayI live in Sonoma County, which is also known as Wine Country. And even though this area began as “wine country” it took decades before coming back to its roots. Beginning as “wine country,” Sonoma County then developed a reputation as “hop country.” Though, with Prohibition that identity soon faded away and reintroduced it as “prune country,” and then finally “apple country,” home of the Gravenstein apple, before once again reclaiming its place as Wine Country.

I am usually ready for new experiences, so a few years ago I joined a wine club where we are able to part-take in some of the fun aspects of winemaking. We are involved in crushing, pressing, blending, and bottling the wines, though perhaps most enjoyable is creating our own labels.

Image of Jean Schulz's wine lable, Security BlancThe first year I bottled a Merlot which I called Museum Merlot, featuring Charlie Brown’s iconic black zig-zag on a yellow background.

I then bottled a Flying Ace Chardonnay with artwork by Paige Braddock. This year I bought some Sauvignon Blanc grapes, and threw out a plea for suggestions on what to name it. My son Brooke came up with “Security Blanc,” and adding Linus’ blanket was obvious. Though Sparky was not a wine aficionado, I believe he would have gotten a smile out of this!

—Jean Schulz

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