Visiting Snoopy Garden in Beijing

Snoopy Garden is outdoors on the fourth floor of the Dream Port Shopping Mall, which was developed by CR Land Company and includes rides, a skating rink nearby, the Snoopy Bakery, and the Snoopy themed bathrooms that are so beautifully decorated.

A small train carries children around the garden. One little boy with his mother didn’t want to get out when his ride was finished. I’m sure she explained that they would get in line again. In addition to the usual array of climbing apparatus, swings, and teeter totters, there is a carousel and a maze.

The garden and all the rides are free. The area is surrounded by large apartment buildings and the families living there can bring their families to Snoopy Garden for their outings.


Statues of Charlie Brown and the gang line the hallway leading to the entrance to Snoopy Garden.


Snoopy greets a young visitor


This childrens’ group talk-sang a song about how much they honored their parents, who work very hard to make the childrens’ lives happy and sunny.


I offer my congratulations on the opening of Snoopy Garden.


Cherry Chen talks about the work of the Love Foundation. The Love Foundation is a collaboration between the China Population Welfare Foundation and Peanuts agents, Connie and Ray Mok, who organize Peanuts licensees to donate some goods, and of course, cash to carry out repairs when needed. I was here in Beijing when the Foundation’s launch was announced in 2010. We were told then that aid would first be given to children and elderly people suffering from the effects of the Sichuan earthquake.

At this gathering we were able to see the effects of that aid as the school children, big smiles on their faces, proudly sat at new desks. Each also received a backpack of school supplies and a new down jacket. A small Peanuts toy brought additional happiness to these children, who had no toys and now could use their imaginations to interact with each other. The children in that area had none of these things in the past, and the earthquake brought into focus the great need there.


The Snoopy Bakery is really along the lines of a cafe. This delicious cake welcomes me to the Bakery.


The Bakery also offers Woodstock in mango mousse!


And Lucy in strawberry mousse!


With friends Connie and Ray Mok, who have been supporting Peanuts in China and Hong Kong for as long as I can remember.

—Jean Schulz